3-Phase Equipment Protection

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  • 3-Phase Equipment Protection
  • 3-Phase Equipment Protection
  • 3-Phase Equipment Protection
  • 3-Phase Equipment Protection
  • 3-Phase Equipment Protection


3-Phase Equipment Protection

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Powermatic P314CR – the most compact, durable and affordable 3-phase equipment power protection unit. With Powermatic devoted 3-phase microprocessor and smart algorithm delivering a powerful 9 types of power protection. Powermatic P314CR is din-rail connection type device.

  • Made in UAE
    Lasting quality and durability
    30 sec - 12 min Delay Timer
    Smart timer algorithm inside
    Smart Chip
    Delivering 9 types of power protection
    Preventing Fire Incidents
    Keeping you and your loved ones safe
    Meet Powermatic
    Micro Automation Industries developed Powermatic, the new concept in power protection, it connects load only after a comprehensive monitoring of electrical supply and when the supply is within the specified parameters. It continues monitoring and disconnects when there are any disturbances, thus it avoids expensive damage and breakdown to connected equipment.

    Powermatic, as a microprocessor embedded solution, provides the smartest comprehensive detection and reaction response to more than one power disturbances at low cost.
    Built to a Sustainable Solution

    Product Specifications

    Type P314CR-25 P314CR-16
    Power Standard 230/400V ~ 50Hz 127/220V ~ 60Hz
    Supply Configuration 3 Phase 4 Line (L1,L2,L3,N)
    Power Rating Depend on External Contractor
    Max. Permissible Supply 400/600V 220/350V
    Waiting Time 1/2 - 12 minutes (adjustable)
    Over Voltage Connect 255/440V 145/250V
    Under Voltage Connect 180/310V 100/170V
    Interruption Response Time 20 millisec.
    Under Frequency 46Hz 56Hz
    Over Frequency 54Hz 64Hz
    Phase Loss Actual Speed<95% Synchronous Speed
    Relay Contact Rating 3A, 440V
    Contact Current(1 sec.) 9 A
    Contact Inrush Current 15 A
    Max. Ambient Temperature 55°C
    Connection Type Screw Terminal
    Fixing Rail Mounting, Surface mounting
    Unit Weight 70 gm
    Unit Dimension(H x W x D) 90 x 18 x 52mm
    Packing Option Blister Shell(BS), Box Packing(BP)


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