About Powermatic
Power Protection
Power protection devices at home and offices like circuit breakers and fuses are generally designed to protect against excess current but not excess voltage.

Available voltage protection devices in the market such as surge suppressors, stabilizers, provide only a single type of protection. Although there are other power protection solutions, they are only primarily available for large equipment due to their cost and size. Thanks to Powermatic, that offers multiple protections, compact, and cost effective solutions.
Meet Powermatic
Micro Automation Industries developed Powermatic, the new concept in power protection, it connects load only after a comprehensive monitoring of electrical supply and when the supply is within the specified parameters. It continues monitoring and disconnects when there are any disturbances, thus it avoids expensive damage and breakdown to connected equipment.

Powermatic, as a microprocessor embedded solution, provides the smartest comprehensive detection and reaction response to more than one power disturbances at low cost.
Working Principle
After the main power supply (Mains) is switched ON, Powermatic will monitor the Mains and withhold it from reaching the connected equipment. If the Mains is stable (Yellow state), Powermatic continues to monitor the power quality for a certain determined time.

If the power quality is within the limits, Powermatic will then connect Mains to the equipment (Green state). However, Powermatic will continue to monitor power quality.

Powermatic disconnects whenever it detects power disturbances beyond preset limits (Red state).

When Mains resumes stable, Powermatic continues monitoring the power quality and reconnects Mains to the equipment after determined time.
Built to a Sustainable Solution
Importance of Power Quality
Power Stations are designed to operate according to certain specifications and standards that provide continual power. From the point of generation to the point of utilization by equipment, many problems can occur which can set power out of specification.

Power disturbances can have many effects on equipment. But it is a common misconception that most power disturbances are generated outside of the facility. In this view, the electric utility is guilty of providing “dirty power” that the facility must cope with.

Studies conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) show that up to 80% of most small business’ power quality problems are caused by disturbances created inside of a facility or business.

The primary cause of voltage changes is the time variability of the reactive power component of fluctuating loads. Such loads include arc furnaces, rolling mill drives, and main winders all of which are loads with a high rate of change of power with respect to the short-circuit capacity at the point of common coupling.

Small power loads, such as starting of induction motors, welders, boilers, power regulators, electric saws and hammers, pumps and compressors, cranes, and elevators also can be sources of flicker.

In order to safeguard equipment from damage, it is necessary to utilize voltage monitoring devices for detecting a fault before damage occur on it.

Powermatic is your Base line protection.