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Meet Powermatic
Micro Automation Industries developed Powermatic, the new concept in power protection, it connects load only after a comprehensive monitoring of electrical supply and when the supply is within the specified parameters. It continues monitoring and disconnects when there are any disturbances, thus it avoids expensive damage and breakdown to connected equipment.

Powermatic, as a microprocessor embedded solution, provides the smartest comprehensive detection and reaction response to more than one power disturbances at low cost.
Working Principle
After the main power supply (Mains) is switched ON, Powermatic will monitor the Mains and withhold it from reaching the connected equipment. If the Mains is stable (Yellow state), Powermatic continues to monitor the power quality for a certain determined time.

If the power quality is within the limits, Powermatic will then connect Mains to the equipment (Green state). However, Powermatic will continue to monitor power quality.

Powermatic disconnects whenever it detects power disturbances beyond preset limits (Red state).

When Mains resumes stable, Powermatic continues monitoring the power quality and reconnects Mains to the equipment after determined time.
Built to a Sustainable Solution

Product Specifications

Type CE2G-25 CE2G-26
Power Standard 220V-240V ~ 50Hz 220V-240V ~ 60Hz
Multi Outlet
Socket Type Powermatic uk socket UK
No. of Sockets 2 Sockets
Max. Load 3000 Watt (13 Amp)
USB Charger
Output Voltage 5V
Charging Capacity 2.5 Amp
No. of Charging Sockets 2
Surge Response Time <10 ns
Surge Clamping Voltage 1120V @25 Ampere(8/20 µs surge)
Max. Ambient Temperature 55°C
Connection Type Direct Plug-in
Unit Weight 662 gm
Unit Dimension(H x W x D) 167 x 46 x 25
Cable Length 3 meter
Packing Option Blister Shell(BS)