Swap background in YouTube Stories now – New feature by Google

Now you can trick people into thinking you are on the moon from the comfort of your bed. Google has launched a new feature in YouTube Stories which allows users to change the backgrounds as per their will. This feature has been released to a few selected beta testers.

Quote from TechCrunch:

“A lot of ingenuity seems to have gone into this feature. It’s a piece of cake to figure out where the foreground ends and the background begins if you have a depth-sensing camera (like the iPhone X’s front-facing array) or plenty of processing time and no battery to think about (like a desktop computer).

On mobile, though, and with an ordinary RGB image, it’s not so easy to do. And if doing a still image is hard, video is even more so, since the computer has to do the calculation 30 times a second at a minimum.

Well, Google’s engineers took that as a challenge, and set up a convolutional neural network architecture, training it on thousands of labelled images.

The network learned to pick out the common features of a head and shoulders, and a series of optimizations lowered the amount of data it needed to crunch in order to do so. And — although it’s cheating a bit — the result of the previous calculation (so, a sort of cutout of your head) gets used as raw material for the next one, further reducing load.

The result is a fast, relatively accurate segmentation engine that runs more than fast enough to be used in video — 40 frames per second on the Pixel 2 and over 100 on the iPhone 7 (!).”


If you are a beta tester, share your experience of the new YouTube stories with us! – Write to us.


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