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In a world where we are dependent on electronic and electrical applications for virtually performing all the tasks on a daily basis around us, making sure that these devices are properly protected using state of the art and smart technology is a must! With Powermatic, you can have the peace of mind that your electronic and electrical devices are protected against Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Frequency, Under Frequency, Interruption, Loose Connection and Power Surges. But what do you do when you have questions?

Keeping that in mind, we have set up a comprehensive Support System for all our customers to answer any questions that you may have about Powermatic. Where do you find these answers? Below is a list of links that you would be interested in:

Submit a ticket

We have also set up a Twitter page called Powermatic Care so that you can ‘Tweet’ us!

Powermatic Care (Twitter) – https://twitter.com/PowermaticCare

You can also find the link to Powermatic Care Twitter page in the sidebar on all the category (Consumer Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Embedded Solutions) pages and all our product pages.

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