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Check Product Authenticity

Is your product an Original Powermatic?

When you buy a genuine Powermatic product, you buy a product that has been built using state of the art and smart technology. All our products go through comprehensive testing to maintain quality and the trust of our customers.

But most importantly, when the product you purchased is an original Powermatic product, you can have the peace of mind that the product will protect all your applications (Electronics and Home Appliances) seamlessly.

This is not true when the product that you have purchased is a counterfeit. Counterfeits may claim to protect your applications but have not gone through the vigorous (or any) testing during production. Buying counterfeits will only result in more expenditure because they will damage your valuable personal belongings.

Before buying Powermatic

  • – If it seems to be too good of a deal, it probably is not good at all. Be careful of products that are priced much lower than the products you can find at any of our authorized dealers (our genuine products)
  • – If the packaging seems incomplete in any way, there are spelling errors or seems to be damaged, the product is probably a fake

Fight fake

If you think, your product is not an original Powermatic product, send us a message using the form below.

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Model no. is an alphanumeric code starting with the alphabet ‘P’ and can be found at the back of your product.

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Why do you think the product is counterfeit? Please explain
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