New and Improved Snapchat Spectacles out later this year

Snap Inc. is working on new versions of Snapchat Spectacles and they are due to release later this year but the major upgrade is planned for 2019. The camera equipped spectacles which come in a variety of colours were released in 2016 but did not hit it off due to some shortcomings.

However, Snap plans to overcome those problems and the new versions will be water resistant and will include performance upgrades. The big changes are lined up for next year’s model, which could incorporate an aluminum frame design and 3D-depth effects in videos capture using them thanks to a second camera. They might also have a built in GPS for geotagging and a leather case, with a cost increase to around $300 for the premium features.

We are excited to see if Snapchat Spectacles will wow the world this time. Are you?


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