Are You Really Protected? WIN-WIN with Powermatic

By the time you are reading this blog post, there have been more than 24,727,468,028 power disturbances worldwide from 1st of January 2018.

In an independent study conducted by members of  Powermatic Team, we found out that 6720 power disturbances occur worldwide every second.

With the power disturbance number in billions, are you and your loved ones really protected? Are you using Powermatic protection to protect your home and office from fire or your home appliances and electronics from damage? If not, then you should immediately think about getting Powermatic protection and let our smart connections and algorithms do the work. Our smart algorithms monitor power quality continuously and cut off power to the connected devices if power disturbance is detected. This prevents an electrical fire in your home or office and protects your electronics and home appliances from damage; reducing the cost of maintenance. We will not only keep you and your loved ones safe, we will also save your money for you. This is what we (and you should too) call a WIN-WIN deal!

Choose from a wide range of Powermatic products and select the ones that you desire for your home or office.

Below are a few links to get you started:

Powermatic Consumer Solutions

Powermatic Plug-in Solutions

Powermatic Multi-Outlet Solutions

Powermatic In-Wall Solutions

Powermatic Air Con Solutions

Powermatic Motor Solutions

We also cater to Industrial and Embedded applications:

Powermatic Industrial Solutions

Powermatic Embedded Solutions

To get the updated number of Power Disturbances Worldwide so far in 2018, visit our Technology page.

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