Alexa now listens to you more than Google or Siri

Amazon has introduced a new feature in all Alexa enabled devices like Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Spot. This feature enables Alexa to listen for 5 seconds after she has given her first response. If no interaction is detected, Alexa will go back to sleep until you “Alexa” her again.

The follow-up mode won’t work, however, if Alexa isn’t “confident you’re speaking to her,” according to Amazon.

“For example, if she detects that speech was background noise or that the intent of the speech was not clear,” Amazon explained in a customer service page for Alexa.

Do you own a hands-free Alexa enabled device?

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Consumer Solutions by Powermatic for your Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Spot:

Plugin Solutions:

6 Amp Adapter – P6CE

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Multi-Outlet Solutions:

USB 2 Way Multi Outlet – CE2G

USB 4 Way Multi Outlet – CE4G

USB 4 Way Multi Outlet – CE4U

USB 6 Way Multi Outlet – CE6G

USB 6 Way Multi Outlet – CE6U

2 Way Multi Outlet – PE2G

4 Way Multi Outlet – PE4G

4 Way Multi Outlet – PE4U

6 Way Multi Outlet – PE6G

6 Way Multi Outlet – PE6U

2 Way Golden Multi Outlet – PE2G

4 Way Golden Multi Outlet – PE4G

6 Way Golden Multi Outlet – PE6G

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Image Courtesy: Alexa Blogs


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