7 Possible Future Energy Sources

Earth is the only planet we know so far that supports life. It’s our home. We must preserve it. In a time when global warming has become a real threat, it is our duty to talk about sustainable sources of energy. This is the reason why all Powermatic products are built to be sustainable, helping in the reduction of carbon footprint so that we do our part in preserving our beautiful planet.

For today’s topic we will discuss the 7 types of possible future energy sources. Sit back, relax and let your imagination run wild. Below are the 7 possible future energy sources:

1. Nuclear Fusion:
This energy source by far is the most powerful and is environmental friendly. By mimicking the fusion reactions happening in the sun, we can create energy to power our homes here on Earth. Researchers at Lockheed Martin have already begun work on the first fusion reactor prototype.

2. Offshore Wind:
Wind turbines will increasingly move offshore as the winds blow stronger and more consistently in the open sea. With turbine blade designs being borrowed from aeronautics to derive the maximum amount of energy from each gust of wind, wind power promises to gain massive adoption in the next 25 years.

3. Solar Energy:
Harvesting the heat energy in sunlight to power the water heaters in our homes has been adopted on a large scale already. As more people adopt this technology, it is expected to boom over the coming decade.

4. Space Based Energy:
Expanding on the point above – Solar Energy; Imagine putting solar panels in space which get round the clock direct sunlight and those solar panels charge the cells here on Earth. NASA and the US Naval Research Lab are already investing the technology which could be commercialized in 25 years.

5. Geothermal Energy:
Deriving heat energy from Earth’s core seems like a real possibility in the decades to come. Researchers in Iceland have spent several years drilling into volcanoes with an aim to develop more prolific geothermal power stations.

6. Solar Fuels:
The idea of converting sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into usable chemical energy which can be stored like gasoline has long been a tantalizing target for scientists. Researches are being conducted at Harvard’s Nocera Lab, MIT’s Grossman Group and the University of North Carolina’s Energy Frontier Research Center; however, this type of technology still looks farfetched and may be commercialized in the coming decades.

7. Wave Energy: Harnessing the kinetic energy from the waves in the oceans and converting it to usable electric energy seems quite possible in the future. Wave energy is renewable, environment friendly and causes no harm to the atmosphere.

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